(PCNA) (Governance support Project)

(December 01, 2014 to March 31, 2015)

K & P was prepared a “10 Years Governance Program for FATA,” that would help to assist in the recovery of the region continuing from where the first phase left and has proposed a framework of critical governance reforms for the next ten years.

Some of the results of “10 Years Governance Program for FATA” are the following;

  1. Effective political empowerment of the people,
  2. Strengthening of administrative capacities,
  3. Improving the justice system,
  4. improved de-radicalization and reconciliation through traditional mechanisms,
  5. Enhanced social cohesion through sports and culture.

K&P believes that by working for the betterment of humanity it will assist women, the helpless & the down trodden.

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