MAIN STREAMING DISABILITY INTO GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES (Christoffel Blindenmission and Pakistan Institute for Community Ophthalmology)

Feb 2006


On 8th October, 2005, a massive earthquake struck northern Pakistan leaving thousands dead, millions homeless and countless thousands with profound physical and mental trauma. The scale and complexity of this disaster – far greater than the 2004 Asian Tsunami – meant that disability concerns were at risk of being marginalized or overlooked. To help focus attention and mobilize action around the needs of disabled persons. Christoffel Blindenmission and Pakistan Institute for Community Ophthalmology held a one day meeting on 8 of February in Islamabad, four months after the devastating quake. The main goal of meeting was to strengthen disability inclusion in relief and development responses to the South Asia Earthquake. K&P has been requested to recommend measures for implementing the above outcome.

K&P believes that by working for the betterment of humanity it will assist women, the helpless & the down trodden.

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