April-July 2005


The Project for Livelihood Improvement (PLI) and Non Formal Education Programme (NFEP) was launched in D.I.Khan, district of NWFP, by International Cooperation (IC), an International Swiss NGO in June and October 2003 respectively. The project area is characterized by extreme poverty, illiteracy, religious conservatism, gender inequality. Though PLI and NFFP were conceived separately, but during the first year of implementation, it was realized that a coherent approach was needed to create synergies between the two projects to maximize their ownership.

K&P was awarded a consultancy contract to provide solutions which would lead to the following results;

  • To ensure a legal status for the project.
  • To establish formal linkages with government to enhance collaboration
  • To prevent political interference in the project.
  • To create project ownership amongst the community.

K&P launched a team of experts which explored the potential of partnership with relevant Govt line departments by assessing their interests, current commitments and flexibility.  Potential government partners were consulted and recommendations were presented to IC’s steering committee.

K&P believes that by working for the betterment of humanity it will assist women, the helpless & the down trodden.

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