Feb-March 2006


The Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology  (PICO), international eye NGOs  Christoffel-Blindenmission of Germany and Light of the World (LOW),  hired the services of K&P to assist in the establishment of a district headquarter hospital at Battagram in lieu of the one destroyed by the earthquake.    K&P is assisting in fulfilling the following terms of reference.

  • Obtaining clearance of ERRA for the designs for construction of DHQ Battagram including an eye and an orthopedic department which is to be supported by funds from the Austrian government. All designs must take into account the needs of people with disabilities and consider accessibility to the built environment.
  • Obtain the approval of the Government of NWFP / ERRA in the form of an MOU permitting the construction of the hospital.
  • Provide a clear roadmap to partnership outlining roles and responsibilities duly accepted by all stakeholders.

K&P believes that by working for the betterment of humanity it will assist women, the helpless & the down trodden.

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